About Australian Authors

Our Author sites have been set up with a dual purpose in mind.

Firstly with author visibility in mind. 

We believe that the marketplace for authors is still grossly lopsided in an age when the old model of bookstores and the top 2% only ever being shown by traditional publishers was the model. There are so many different models of publishing that this method of only some authors being discovered doesn’t match the more organic ways that other industries now are being driven by technology.

So we wanted to help support authors, who often are great craftspeople but loathe marketing. And while online gurus all say everyone should be selling, that’s lumping everyone together that should all be vanilla. Not every author wants to be a social media expert or search optimisation powerhouse.

In our search we found a scarcity of platforms that prioritised the discovery of new authors, those platforms that did exist were dominated by ‘famous’ authors and their publishing houses. Regrettably, certain email newsletters and other online promotional channels, originally designed to support authors across the board, have succumbed to an overflow of content and advertisements from major publishing houses.

This doesn’t help the smaller scale authors or those just starting out. In addition to limiting authors, this also puts a lid on reader’s options. Instead of finding smaller or debut authors, readers are being fed the things they should read by popularity or dollar methods.

Secondly the books.

The way books are typically discovered still revolves heavily around success metrics. While it’s logical that popular books should be accessible, it creates a cycle where only the already successful books continue to thrive because they’re the ones constantly pushed in front of readers.

Our site aims to address this issue head-on. When you search for a book or author, our goal is to show you only relevant results without cluttering your view with unrelated products or services. We’re committed to providing an accurate representation of authors and their work, ensuring you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Our site has multiple ways that you can find authors and books, by the traditional name, genre, but we also added both locations and genders as we know there are many ways readers want to find people.

Not only this we have strict policies in place around advertising to limit the number of promotions any one author can run in any given 3 month period, as well as unique ways of displaying results so that having a name early in the alphabet, doesn’t predispose you to always being shown first.

Our goal is to help readers find the wide array of author and book options that exist today and expand the market for all authors irrespective of how many books they have, their budget and the method they choose to publish.

We offer services for authors to help them promote their books and to get their information on the site as well as adding content ourselves on an ongoing basis. None of it is perfect, but like any developing author, we learn from each publication and adapt and modify to keep building a great way for authors and readers to connect.

Together, let’s rewrite the story of publishing. Find your next read or discover a new and emerging author today.