Cameron Wayne Smith

Australia, Queensland, Mackay

Hailing from the land where people wrestle crocodiles for sport and utilise kangaroos for transport, Cameron Wayne Smith is the author you’ve been searching for—possibly your entire life, or perhaps a few clicks before you found this page. Cameron has spent his adult life travelling and learning about the world while working in a huge variety of jobs. Seriously, at just over 30, Cameron has worked in libraries and fighter jets, been a tour guide in Central Australia and North Queensland, and engaged in all sorts of miscellaneous employment. Best known for his Holtur series, Cameron writes fast-paced action stories set in fantasy worlds. His stories are garnished with a hint of horror and a modest sprinkling of hilarity. Cameron’s hobbies include travel, skydiving, snorkelling, bush-walking, pet-sitting, and brewing his own beer. He also loves the geeky, fantasy, and science fiction stuff that you can find in books, games, and on screen. You, and all your friends, should hook into Cameron’s books so he can stop working real jobs and become a full-time author.