Sean McMullen

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne

Sean McMullen is an award winning Australian author working in science fiction and fantasy. He has written over seventy stories and seventeen books, and has a PhD in Medieval Literature from the University of Melbourne.
In 2011 his novelette Eight Miles was runner up in the Hugo Awards, and he has won Poland’s Nova Fantastyka for Voice of Steel and the Analog Reader’s Award for Tower of Wings. His books, stories and articles have won another twelve awards in Australia.
His first internationally published novel was The Centurion’s Empire, which featured a time machine built during the Roman Empire. This was followed by the Greatwinter trilogy, set in a post-apocalyptic Australia ruled by a caste of psychopathic librarians, and his four volume Moonworlds series, which saw McMullen use his unique blend of science and romance in a fantasy setting.
His most recent series is the Century War series for young adult readers. Set in 1901 Melbourne, Before the Storm has been reviewed as The Terminator meets the Bronte Sisters.
Sean’s non-fiction work includes the non-fiction Strange Constellations, a history of Australian science fiction jointly written with Van Ikin and Russell Blackford. He also co-wrote the first histories of Australian fantasy and horror with Steven Paulsen.
Sean works full-time in scientific computing, and in what’s left of his spare time, he is a third dan black belt in karate, and teaches at the Melbourne University Karate club. People have called him a renaissance man: the question is, which renaissance?