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From futuristic visions to magical landscapes, these writers bring unparalleled creativity and unique perspectives to the genre. Dive into epic adventures, explore mind-bending concepts, and experience the boundless imagination that Australian authors have to offer in their speculative fiction masterpieces. From the fantasy to science fiction genre and combines genres in between, find your next read! 

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Australian authors in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres are known for their unparalleled creativity and innovative storytelling. Discover the brilliant minds behind some of your favourite speculative fiction.

Explore Some Popular Australian Sci-Fi and Fantasy Subgenres

Whether you seek futuristic technologies, magical realms, or epic quests, there’s a Sci-Fi or Fantasy book by an Australian author to suit every reader’s taste. Dive into these captivating subgenres and discover your next favourite read from our talented Australian writers.

Space Opera

Epic narratives set in vast, interstellar civilizations, often featuring grand conflicts, space battles, and heroic journeys. These stories explore the far reaches of space and human ambition, with complex characters navigating political intrigue and intergalactic adventures.


Futuristic settings where advanced technology and cybernetics intersect with societal decay and corporate control. These novels delve into themes of identity, rebellion, and the impact of technology on humanity, often set against gritty, dystopian backdrops.


Tales set in bleak futures where oppressive regimes, environmental collapse, or societal breakdown challenge the protagonists. These stories explore resistance, survival, and the human spirit in the face of adversity, often with thought-provoking social commentary.

High Fantasy

Fantasy worlds rich with magic, mythical creatures, and grand quests. High Fantasy novels transport readers to realms where heroes and heroines battle dark forces, uncover ancient prophecies, and embark on epic adventures filled with danger and wonder.

Urban Fantasy

Fantastical elements woven into modern, urban settings, where magic and the mundane coexist. These stories often feature supernatural beings, hidden magical societies, and ordinary characters discovering extraordinary abilities or destinies.


Alternate histories infused with Victorian-era aesthetics and steam-powered technology. Steampunk novels blend adventure, romance, and innovation, set in worlds where airships, clockwork mechanisms, and mad scientists create thrilling escapades.

Paranormal Fantasy

Magical tales that include supernatural beings such as witches, vampires, and shapeshifters. These novels often explore themes of power, forbidden love, and the hidden supernatural world coexisting with our own.

Epic Fantasy

Sweeping sagas that span multiple books, featuring richly developed worlds, intricate plots, and vast casts of characters. Epic Fantasy novels immerse readers in detailed universes where the fate of entire kingdoms or worlds often hangs in the balance.

Science Fantasy

A blend of scientific and fantastical elements, where advanced technology and magic intertwine. These stories challenge the boundaries of both genres, creating unique and imaginative settings where anything is possible.


Narratives set after catastrophic events that have decimated civilization. These stories focus on survival, rebuilding, and humanity’s resilience in the face of devastation, often featuring desolate landscapes and stark realities.

Mythic Fantasy

Fantasy inspired by mythology and folklore, bringing ancient legends and gods to life in new and inventive ways. These tales explore timeless themes through the lens of mythic heroism, destiny, and the power of myth.

Time Travel

Adventures that traverse different eras, exploring the consequences and paradoxes of moving through time. These novels delve into historical events, future possibilities, and the intricate web of cause and effect.

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Discover the boundless creativity of Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy authors and embark on a journey through these diverse and imaginative subgenres. Each book promises to transport you to new worlds and expand your horizons.

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