A Little Bit of Love: Short Story Romance Collection

by A.K. Leigh
A collection of heart-warming, short, romance stories for those moments when you’re waiting in line, sitting on the bus, or procrastinating! The three included stories, all written by A.K. Leigh, are:

1. Curse of the Moonstone Brooch (historical romance)
When a mysterious and beautiful woman drops a moonstone brooch, Tristan makes it his mission to track her down and return it. Melody is relieved to finally be rid of the accursed brooch. It has only brought her ruin and death. When she meets the intriguing Tristan, will the curse prevent their happily-ever-after?

2. The Love Spell (paranormal romance)
“Never cast a love spell!” Her late mother’s warning lingers in her mind, yet with no other option, Merina casts the spell. With danger lurking around the corner, will Jackson, her best friend – and secret crush – be able to help her in time?

3. If You Can Guess (contemporary romance)
Catherine knows what she wants and she knows Stephan, her boyfriend, can’t give it to her. Determined to break up with him, she is unprepared for the delightful surprise that comes from his simple words: “If you can guess. . .”

For fans of:
*Short stories
*Historical romance
*Lords and ladies romance
*Paranormal romance
*Witch romance
*Supernatural romance
*Contemporary romance