A Longbourn Quartet: An Austenesque Short Story Collection

by Catherine Bilson
Four short stories set in the beloved world of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice which explore missing scenes and paths not taken in the original story.

A Slip and a Trip

This little Mis-step takes place at the dance at Lucas Lodge, at which Elizabeth declines Darcy’s offer of a dance. Though in canon, Jane and Bingley aren’t mentioned as even being present, they must surely have been there.

The Darcy Inquisition

The Scene: Darcy’s house in London, a week post-Hunsford. Darcy has lapsed into despair; Georgiana, fearing for him, has called for her cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam to help. They intend to interrogate Darcy to find out what is wrong, but somehow things go slightly awry.
Based on selected nuggets from the wonderful Monty Python sketches of The Spanish Inquisition.
Incidentally, did you know that one of Jane Austen’s suggestions for Colonel Fitzwilliam’s first name was Montgomery? That discovery inspired this whole ficlet…

Mr. Bennet’s Call

This is my imagining of a scene omitted from P&P: in the original work, we discover that Mr Bennet paid a call upon Bingley when he teases Mrs Bennet about not being able to escape the acquaintance. I found myself wondering, what was said in that call?

The Exception That Proves The Rule

You know the rule. Eavesdroppers rarely hear good of themselves.
So, this is a what-if one-shot that is intended to be the exception to that rule.

Our little tale begins at Netherfield, while Elizabeth is there nursing Jane. Elizabeth comes downstairs to dispatch the letter to her mother, requesting that the carriage be sent to collect them. Of course, she must ask Mr Bingley for the use of a rider to convey the message to Longbourn, and so she goes looking for him.