A Thousand Cuts: DS Jack Fletcher

by Andrea Drew
He wasn’t like other serial killers…

…he left no trace.

How will they stop the murders?

Australian Homicide Detective Sergeant Jack Fletcher hasn’t seen anything like it before. Serial killers like to brag with a signature. Deep down they want to get caught. It’s a game.

But this one isn’t playing around.

No clues left behind. He doesn’t taunt or try to be clever.

The killing of children made it an especially hard case for Fletcher. They’re the age of his daughter. Drink and nightmares threatened to be his undoing.

And the murders continued.

Where other detectives saw random murders, he knew it was one person, but how will he connect the dots and bring them to justice?

Does he have the strength?

You’ll love this edge of your seat thriller, because the motivations are diabolical and the twist at the end is brilliant.

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