Autopsy 2: Darkness Burning

by Steve Gerlach
Things are always taken from us, all of us…from me.” Blood runs through the streets of Matheson. Along the gutters and seeping into the dark, musty tunnels below. With more murders on their hands, the local police have no answers, fighting both the viscous predator and the vitriolic press. Autopsy’s reign continues, with no sign of defeat. Her confidence and strength growing with every single kill. While the police call for calm, the vigilantes take control, with Carson Steins leading the nightly pack raids. Just as dangerous as the killer they hunt. And with the infamy, comes the fame… Dressed in black, with hideous make-up and splattered fake blood, Anarchy’s Angels walk the midnight tour through the streets. Living the nightmare and then raving til dawn. Events are spiralling out of control. Too many eyes. Too little time left. Those hidden will soon be found. The night is still young… and darkness will burn.