Beneath Contempt (The Jono Series Book 2)

by Harry Colfer

When the morality of a business venture knows no depths…

After unearthing a serial killer in Brisbane, paramedic Jonothan Byrne escapes the limelight by taking a transfer to Far North Queensland. Although serving the remote community of Mornington Island helps to soothe his guilt, leaving the city fails to free him from the traumatic memories that haunt his subconscious.

But just as he looks set to recover, his world is turned upside down when he’s drawn into an illegal operation. In fighting to save his life and the lives of others, can he achieve his own salvation?

Written by a real-life Critical Care Paramedic, this story has it all: smugglers, ruthless killers, sharks and crocs, all served up with dark ambo humour sweltering under the tropical sun.