Big Time: Australia’s explosive and totally punk breakout novel of 2024

by Jordan Prosser
In a not-too-distant future Australia, the eastern states have become the world’ s newest autocracy – a place where pop music is propaganda, science is the enemy and moral indecency is punishable by indefinite detention. Julian Ferryman, bass player for the Acceptables, returns to Melbourne after a year overseas and reconnects with his bandmates to record their highly anticipated second album. On their whirlwind tour of the east coast, he gets hooked on a new designer drug, F, a powerful synthetic hallucinogen that gives users a glimpse of their own future. Rumour says, the more you take, the further you see … maybe even to the end of time. Big Time is an anti-fascist ode to the power of pop music, wrapped up in an unforgettable, psychedelic road trip.