Blessings Deferred

by Adam Browne
“Blessings Deferred” For the Fries family, the blessings of joy and prospering were to come over time…. This is the drama of the Fries family, told as factual, historical events as they have been passed down through the generations. Before radio, telephones, cars, computers and rockets, life was simpler, but not unlike it is today. It was late in the 1860’s, and times were very tough. When the Turner and the Fries families set out on the road to the little village of Greenville, Michigan, the wonder and possibility of a new life awaited them. The Turner family barely makes it to Greenville on a harsh rainy evening. When the Smith family adopts little Lucinda Turner, after her parents tragically die, she is too young to understand. Years later, Lucinda “Lucy” Turner Smith will meet a man named Clarence Fries, who will take up carpentry in the little community, and they will be blessed with 9 children, which was not uncommon in those days. Estelle Fries was one of those 9 children. She would later marry, and write her stories down for her Children and Grandchildren, and live to 100 years of age. In her lifetime, she saw many changes in the world, but human nature never changes. These were the days she grew up in and this is her story as she told it over 40 years ago. As promised to her years before her passing, the story is as last in print! From 1860’s Greenville, Michigan to 1930’s Chicago, Illinois, this is the story of the Fries family and their descendants, as told by Estelle Fries Browne Knapp, and transposed and updated by her descendants. In Loving Memory Of Grandma Knapp… 1896-1996