Bouncing the Bustle (Victorians Unlaced Book 1)

by Maryanne Ross
Lilwen Jones bounces her bustle down the stairs—she is finally free! But her father has gambled away her plant nursery, her sole livelihood. She has one chance to save her fortunes and her dreams: to seek the legendary white waratah in Australia’s wild southern island of Tasmania.

Sawyer Thane is a wildlife hunter, explorer, and a man with secrets. He organizes a luxurious ship journey to remember. He plans their expedition to the last detail. He doesn’t lose his temper—not totally—when lovely Lilwen insists on her own way. And he absolutely won’t fall for a contrary, plant-loving witch in trousers, as he is not the marrying kind.

As Lilwen and Sawyer scour the wilderness for the elusive plant, rules are optional, danger mounts, and their scorching attraction threatens to set the entire forest ablaze.