Deathdeal: A Wyatt Novel

by Garry Disher
Wyatt, professional hold-up man, is back in another tight, remorseless thriller. On the run after the payroll heist that went horribly wrong in Paydirt, wanted by the police and contract hitmen, he discovers that a shadowy third player has joined the hunt. Enter Stolle. Stolle specialises in finding people who don’t want to be found. But who is his Brisbane client? Is this a trap Wyatt’s walking into? And what of the score itself, the suburban bank with two million in the vault? It looks easy enough – if you don’t count a bank manager who owes favours to the wrong people, a gun-running pilot, grifters, bent cops and punks with ambition…There’s death in a deal like that. What the critics said about previous Wyatt ‘Real books, not junk fiction.’ Booklist, USA ‘Wyatt is the sort of character Australian movies are made of.’ Sunday Age ‘Wyatt’s as hard-boiled as a hubcap.’ Weekend Australian