The Wedding Wager (Scandalous Miss Brightwell Series Book 3)

by Beverley Oakley

Meet Eliza, a woman with a secret past and a desperate plan.

Determined to be reunited with the child she was forced to give up after a youthful indiscretion, Eliza agrees to marry the selfish and oafish George Bramley, believing it to be her only chance at happiness. But fate has other plans for our heroine…

Enter Mr Rufus Patmore, a dashing gentleman who arrives at Quamby House in search of a horse, but instead finds the virtuous and beautiful wife he’s been seeking. When tragedy strikes and Eliza’s bravery shines through, Rufus realizes he has finally found a woman of strength and integrity – a woman worthy of the title he will one day inherit.

Confident in his ability to make Eliza’s dreams come true, Rufus sets out to win her heart. But Eliza, bound by her secrets and her agreement to marry George, is torn between her desire for love and her need to claim a future for herself and her child.

In a final, risky wager that could change everything, Eliza must choose between the security of a loveless marriage and the chance at true happiness with Rufus. With her secrets threatening to unravel and her heart on the line, Eliza can’t afford to lose this gamble.

Will Eliza find the courage to follow her heart and embrace the love she truly deserves, or will her past forever dictate her future?

Find out in this steamy Regency romantic comedy, where scandal, secrets, and sizzling chemistry collide in a tale of love, redemption, and the lengths one woman will go to for a second chance at happiness!

What the readers say:

“A poignant, humorous matchmaking romance with an ending that’s well worth the wait.” ~ Amazon reader.

“She’s torn between being able to love her son, and being able to love Rufus. Some of what happens is amusing and some is sad, but it all makes for a great story.” ~ Amazon reader.

“Great plot and characters. Some tears for those who are sensitive but great enjoyment at the end.” ~ Amazon reader.

“Very intriguing Austen-esque novel with well developed characters and story line. The best historical romance novel I’ve read in a while.” ~ Amazon reader.