Eucalyptus Goth

by Brian Craddock
A full decade after Jello Biafra declared Brisbane a heavy junta police state, Dante Halloran navigates its streets aided only by his wits and a debilitating mental illness that he has nicknamed The Inferno. Australia has just ushered in a change of Government, and is still reeling from the recession that it “had to have”, but for Dante these are hardly events that concern him: his is the pursuit of love, of somewhere to lay his head at night, of friendships that won’t wane with the passing of the seasons.With him on this journey are his so-called friends, equally lost: Twix, whose jealousies threaten to undermine their brotherhood; Alex, slowly spiralling out of control with the onset of her own condition; and Pixie, determined to find her individual, potentially fatal, way in life.EUCALYPTUS GOTH explores a city now lost to time, where skinheads and punks clashed on the streets and a night at the Normanby Hotel was considered a rite of passage for the babybat goths.