Feathered Serpent: A historical adventure thriller of the fall of the Aztecs based on real events (Epic Adventure)

by Colin Falconer
The Mexican bestselling epic of passion, madness, revenge and religious upheaval set against the sprawling canvas of the New World.

Yucatan, 1519: Consumed with ambition, Hernan Cortes sails from Cuba to explore the coast of the lands to the west. He takes prisoner a young Mayan princess, Malinali, whose father has been murdered by the Mexica on the orders of their emperor, Montezuma, and enlists her help to further his campaign.

Clever and fiercely independent, Malinali hungers for revenge. She seizes the chance to act as interpreter for the Spanish general, and begins to weave a story so compelling and disturbing, it turns the odds in their favour.

As they journey to the heart of ancient Mexico to eventually conquer the Aztec nation, Cortes and Malinali carve out one of the most astonishing and tragic stories in history. Cortes has his conquest and Malinali has her revenge, but neither of them could foresee the terrible cost for the country – or for themselves.

‘A never-ending labyrinth of twists and turns that grips and entertains. Get this book. It is a magnificent piece of work!’ Historical Novel Review.

‘Living history at its best.’ Good Reading.

‘Terrific historical fiction.’ Historical Novel Society.

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