Genesis: Guardian of Gatling

by Archer Swift
The Year is AD 2041. Scarred by global war, rampant disease and manic weather, Earth teeters on its last legs. In one of only two domed, super-cities left on the planet, five friends find themselves embroiled in a life-and-death dilemma after attempting to capture the thug responsible for brutally assaulting one of their tribe. Though successful, the vigilante mission unwittingly exposes a corrupt police sergeant guilty of two-timing his employers: Haven City’s premier mob family led by the notorious Luigi Diaballein.

Hunted by the crooked police officer, and his brutal posse, the five bewildered friends endeavour to sabotage the sergeant’s diabolical ‘contingency plan,’ his attempt to cash in and escape the mob’s iron-grip. Battling their own vexing inner demons while negotiating the complex bonds that have fused them together, the friends are pushed to desperate measures.

Assisted by an unlikely (and unlikeable) source, the five unhinged friends reluctantly plunge into daring exploits that forever twist the course of their lives. However, in doing so, they become pawns in a bigger, more combustible game: a bitter feud between the Diaballein Family, who seek to strengthen their hold on Haven, and the city’s self-proclaimed beacon of light, billionaire Dennis Gatling—a man who harbours a secret that will change the stakes completely.

Genesis tells the tale of the origins of Haven’s vigilante gang, and is the first book in the Guardian of Gatling series.