Grave Robbing’s Gone to Hell: Urban Fantasy mystery (Grave Robber Book 2)

by Cassandra L Shaw
In a fight against one of Hell’s creatures, can a clairvoyant save her friends’ animal rescue and a dead man’s soul?

Clairvoyant Angel Meyers uses her ability to see the past to hunt for her clients’ lost family treasures.

But this case is personal.

Good friends Gary and Tess, desperately need money to save their animal rescue farm. To help, Angel must use her gift to find the legendary emerald and diamond jewelry set Gary’s family lost over a century ago.

Only on her first trip into the past, Angel discovers Josey Richards, a malevolent body and soul-stealing demon from Hell, has the jewels in her black clawed clasp.

And it gets worse. Gary’s ancestor, the besotted fool, gave Josey the jewels, and as he did, he unknowingly handed her his soul.

Josey will kill to keep her soul trapping gifts.

But even with Viggo and super hunk Tyreal at her side, does Angel have what it takes to fight one furious demon to not only save the farm but a dead man’s soul?

Adult paranormal thriller/suspense.