Gypsy Hunted: : a gripping supernatural thriller (Gypsy Medium Book 1)

by Andrea Drew
Blood ties can be murder— especially if magic is involved.

My name is Gypsy Shields. I’m a psychic medium and you would think I’d have seen it coming. My own murder

I’m a reluctant psychic who can’t resist helping the underdog — guess that’s why I tried to interrupt a kidnapping and ended up getting hit by a van instead.

Oh, and did I mention I can’t talk to anyone?

Stuck paralyzed in a hospital bed and running out of time, I’m dependent on detective Connor Reardon to investigate the case and save my life— but Conner’s concealing powers of his own.

Secrets are abound at the corrupt police department. I have to rely on a guy who knows my attacker to protect me, as I can’t protect myself.

I guess a girl’s gotta do everything in this world— including prevent her own murder.

This supernatural psychic suspense novel is paced in such a way you won’t be able to stop turning the pages. A thriller with a magical edge, Gypsy Hunted is one urban fantasy you won’t want to pass up!

What are you waiting for? One-click to enjoy this dark and epic story! Readers say they love the twists and the shocking ending!