by Elizabeth Jayne
Jocelyn Chambers is beautiful, stubborn and fiercely independent. She has her life planned out before her, and her plans do not include losing her freedom to the dictates of a husband. But when she tries to save her friend from a disastrous betrothal, she comes face to face with a man who turns her ordered world upside down.

Imperious and handsome, Sir Gaden Brehnt is on a mission to overthrow King James. Brehnt has made many enemies by joining sides with the usurper. Enemies that now threaten the lives and safety of those he cares about.

Thrown together when she becomes an unwilling pawn in Sir Gaden’s mission, Jocelyn resists his arrogant authority as she is drawn deeper into his dangerous world. But she soon finds she has another battle to contend with – her traitorous heart as she becomes irresistibly drawn to this dark-haired knight.

Everything is at risk: her life, her reputation, and, above all, her heart.