More Than Us

by Dawn Barker

When parents disagree on how to care for their child, is it justifiable to take extreme measures?

Emily and Paul have a glorious home, money in the bank and two beautiful children. Since leaving Scotland for Paul to play football for an Australian team they have been blessed. But sadness lies behind the picture-perfect family – sixteen-year-old Cameron has battled with health troubles his entire life. There’s no name for what he has, but his disruptive behaviour, OCD and difficulty in social situations is a constant source of worry.

When Paul’s career comes to a shuddering halt, he descends into a spiral of addiction, gambling away the family’s future. By the time he seeks help, it’s his new boss Damien who recommends and pays for a rehab facility.

While Paul is away, Emily has to make a tough decision about their son. She keeps it from Paul knowing he’ll disapprove. And when a terrible accident reveals the truth, Paul takes his son and goes on the run, leaving Emily to care for fourteen-year-old Tilly, who unbeknown to her parents is fighting battles of her own.

Can the family join together for the sake of their loved ones, or will their troubles tear them apart?

What people are saying about More than Us:

Dawn Barker has the reader enthralled and reading as quickly as possible to find out what happens to the complex, flawed, yet endearing main characters.’ Reader review

‘I couldn’t put it down.’ Bookworm and Shutterbugs

‘It grips you from the start… emotional.’ Reader review

‘I was hooked and stayed up late to finish it… Wonderful characterisation of a modern day family coping with issues we find all around us.’ Reader review

Another excellent book from Dawn Barker.’ Reader review

‘I was gripped by this book.’ Reader review

‘What a fantastic book. I could not put this down.’ Reader review

‘The book touched on an interesting subject that is debated so often’ Reader review

‘A wonderful read, breathtaking in places with superb pacing, keeping me glued to see just what happened next, wondering if there was a way this lovely, loving family could stay together, get through the problems they had’ Blogger Jennie Zelos

‘An enjoyable and thought provoking read’ Reader review

‘A powerful Australian family drama’ Reader review

A sensitively written story that examines mental health issues in children and parents and how they are perceived and resolvedJane Hunt Writer Blog