Murder in Tusmore Park : Biddy and Justin Series Book I

by Pamela M. Arnold
Murder in Tusmore Park is the first in the Biddy and Justin Series, the forerunner to the second book Pacific Incident 9-11-13. This novel has the same compelling characters and is a fascinating, well-plotted thriller with genuine suspense. Another page turner by author Pamela M. Arnold!

Lively sixty-year-olds Biddy and Justin are embroiled in a series of homicides, two of which are committed in the park opposite Justin’s duplex. Due to Justin finding both bodies, the couple become police suspects.

The murders continue and Biddy becomes an amateur sleuth to exonerate them both. Targeting Biddy, the wily psychotic killer eventually manages to trap her. While Justin and the police desperately search for her, Biddy, who is drugged, tortured, and her dog killed, prays they will find her in time.

About the Author:
In 1966, Pamela M. Arnold established a modeling, television, song and dance school for tots, teens and adults in Adelaide, South Australia, which included the first Australian male modeling courses. Nanny, and childcare was added, and the Pam Arnold Centre was awarded the first National Accreditation for the Diploma in Children’s Services. Upon retirement, the author took a writing course at the WEA, Adelaide, and Murder in Tusmore Park was born. After a Pacific cruise, she recommenced writing, but macular degeneration intervened and her second book Pacific Incident 9-11-13 was delayed two years. A sequel, The Procurers, is well underway.

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