Night in New Orleans: Bizarre Beats from the Big Easy

by Cassandra Arnold
“There is but one New Orleans,” they say, bustling with joie de vivre, celebrating non-stop, but step closer, into the clinging, honeysuckle-scented air, and you will find a darker version of the Big Easy, depending on what you believe is true. Tales of vampires, werewolves, curses, and mysterious half-human bayou creatures are pervasive in New Orleans’ culture. Visitors may pass them off as folk tales and superstitions, but the locals know to never go into the deep swamp alone or into the cemetery at night. Tale or truth? In New Orleans, the line between them bleeds.

Edited by Amber Newberry & Laurie Moran

Writers Include:
Cassandra Arnold- The Hood
Brad P. Christy- Welcome to New Awlins
Erin Crocker- Dead Weight
Pamela Q. Fernandes- Raven’s Call
Klara Gomez- Losing Your Marbles
Joshua James Jordan- Les Morts of the Big Easy
Hillary Lyon- In the Time of the Honeysuckle Moon
Ellery D. Margay- The Vorago
P. L. McMillan- Danse Macabre
Laurie Moran- The Slimy Underbelly
Jonathan D. Nichols- Fires of April
Richard Pastor- Checkmate
Nathan Pettigrew- The Farewell Quarter
Corrine Phillips- One Hundred and One
Brian Malachy Quinn- The Night of the Thirteen
J. Benjamin Sanders, Jr.- The Last Ballad of Nikki Stone
Jonathan Shipley- Sibylline Green
D.J. Tyrer- Momus
Bret Valdez- The Grunch