Pacific Incident 9-11-13 : Biddy and Justin Series Book Two

by Pamela M. Arnold
Pacific Incident 9-11-13 is a fascinating, well-plotted thriller, with compelling characters and genuine suspense.

While on a cruise, jet-setting retiree couple, Biddy and Justin uncover an extremist jihadist plot designed to punish Australia for deploying troops to Afghanistan. Extremists have smuggled a suitcase sized nuclear device aboard the ship the couple are cruising on, and plan to destroy the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge.

But to prevent the plan from being carried out, Biddy and Justin must stop Rukan, a Christian born woman who was kidnapped by the Taliban as a child and brainwashed into becoming a nuclear terrorist. Having infiltrated the ship as an aesthetician, Rukan is intrigued by the ways of the west. But will her curiosity be enough to dissuade her from carrying out this spectacular act of terror? It’s a race against time as Biddy and Justin, aided by detective inspector Brien Schultz must attempt to thwart the catastrophic detonation in Pacific Incident 9-11-13.

About the Author:
After retiring from a successful business career at age 75, Pamela M. Arnold undertook a WEA writing course and wrote the first book in the Biddy and Justin Series, Murder in Tusmore Park. This, the second book in the series, was inspired by a cruise she recently took. Currently she is working on another Biddy and Justin mystery that’s set to be titled The Procurers. Shortly after commencing work on Pacific Incident 9-11-13 Pamela lost her sight due to macular degeneration. However after two years of monthly injections into her eyes, she can see and type once again, debut in publishing at age 80.

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