Pitching the Petticoat (Victorians Unlaced Book 3)

by Maryanne Ross
Bagpipe-playing bluestocking Ruari MacDonald must protect the standing stone circles and ancient Picti-carved pillars around Callanish Castle—but the laird plans to lease his croft lands and force her to marry a sinister English earl.

After years abroad in the East India Company, Lochaber Gordon returns to Scotland to wreak long-awaited vengeance on his father, the Duke of Aberdeen. First stop, the Outer Hebrides, to create a world-class whisky distillery on leased MacDonald lands.

Sparks fly and desire sizzles when Ruari and Lochaber clash. They flee the Hebrides and race across the Scottish Highlands to escape the earl, evade the warlike MacDonalds, save the Picti artifacts, and claim their destinies.