Prince and Akhenaten: Tales of Karma and Initiation

by Adriana Koulias
From the Best-selling author of the Rosicrucian Quintet Series comes a book of extraordinary insight. A book of Inspirational short stories, fictional explorations on karma, meditation and the meaning of life.

There is a fictional rendering of the karmic connection between the singer Prince and the Pharaoh Akhenaten, a story about Raphael and an Unknown friend, a tale in which Van Gogh learns from a Wise woman about Inspiration, and the story of an Indian servant in the Jungles of Brazil.

There are meditative verses on love, imagination, inspiration and intuition, and stories that provide insight into enlightenment: an old Benedictine monk teaches his student about truth, a Yogi has a conversation with the stars, a Sufi master teaches his acolyte about morality and many more.

This is a book full of Faith, Love, and Hope – these are so needed in our times.