Rake’s Honour: A sizzling, humorous matchmaking Regency Romance (Scandalous Miss Brightwell Series Book 1)

by Beverley Oakley

Rebellious debutante, Fanny Brightwell, realises time is running out to secure a good marriage before her peagoose of a sister’s peccadilloes ruin the family name forever!

Enter the devilishly handsome and eligible Lord Fenton, a viscount on the brink of scandal who must choose between his heart’s desire and societal expectations.

When Fanny’s ambitious mother arranges a marriage to the detestable Lord Slyther, Fanny takes matters into her own hands.

Disguised and desperate, she attends a secret rendezvous at Vauxhall Gardens, where she encounters the dashing Lord Fenton, who is immediately captivated by her beauty and wit.

But winning the naughty nobleman’s heart and convincing him that she is the perfect wife will require all of Fanny’s cunning and charm.

Will she succeed in her quest for love and save her family from ruin, or will her sister’s scandalous behavior be their undoing?

Find out in Book One of the steamy Scandalous Miss Brightwells series, a rags-to-riches tale of passion, intrigue, and the lengths one woman will go to secure her happily ever after.

Get ready for a wild ride filled with stolen kisses, secret trysts, and a love that defies all odds!