Rescuing Doctor Burgess: A Billionaire Doctor Romance: An intriguing fake boyfriend, hero with a secret, undercover billionaire doctor, office romance with a hint of mystery and suspense

by A.K. Leigh
Tessa Wainwright arrives in the town of Paris, Connecticut, after a difficult year filled with loss, personal sacrifice, and hard truths. She resolves to focus on herself and keep her life simple. Her new job as a doctor’s assistant is just what she needs.
What she doesn’t need is the immediate attraction she feels for her boss: the handsome, mysterious, and animal-loving, Dr. Quinn Burgess. Everyone knows an office romance is a terrible idea!

Burned in his previous relationships, Quinn is determined to remain single and keep his billionaire status a secret. But when an exchange with his smug ex results in Tessa declaring herself to be his girlfriend, he plays along. It’s a relief to have the upper-hand for once.

In the course of playing out their fake relationship, Tessa realizes there is more to Doctor Burgess than he is showing to the town. When she confronts him with disturbing information, can Quinn face the demons of his past – and present – or will they cost him a chance at a genuine relationship and true freedom for his future?