Rogue’s Kiss: A humorous, matchmaking Regency Romance (Scandalous Miss Brightwell Series Book 2)

by Beverley Oakley

Meet Thea Brightwell, a sweet and pretty young lady whose dull, quiet life with her crotchety aunt is about to be turned upside down by a visit to Bath and a chance encounter with the devastatingly handsome Mr Grayling.

But just as their fledgling affair begins to blossom, Thea’s aunt, unwilling to lose her unpaid nurse and companion, swiftly nips it in the bud.

Meanwhile, Mr Grayling, in need of an heiress to restore his family’s crumbling fortunes, regretfully acknowledges that he must look elsewhere for a bride.

Enter Cousin Bertram, Thea’s well-meaning but ‘not-too-bright’ champion, who takes it upon himself to play matchmaker.

In a stroke of misguided genius, Bertram concocts a plan to convince Mr Grayling that penniless Thea is destined for her deathbed within six months, reasoning that the gentleman would be more inclined to offer her a taste of life’s pleasures before her premature demise.

What follows is a riotous tale of misunderstandings, misdirected love letters, and the unexpected appearance of ‘old flames’, all conspiring to create a most disconcerting outcome.

Will Thea and Mr Grayling find their way to each other despite the meddling of crotchety maiden aunts and the machinations of a well-intentioned but misguided cousin?

Find out in this delightful Regency romantic comedy, where scandal and laughter go hand in hand, and love triumphs against all odds!

What Readers are Saying:

“What could possibly go wrong? Well, nearly everything. This book has more twists and misunderstandings than a French farce.” ~ Kindle Reader.

“I LOVED beautiful Thea’s story and couldn’t put it down losing hours of sleep!” ~ Kindle Reader

“The unexpected twist at the end made me smile and think…yes that’s perfect.” ~ Kindle Reader

“Nicely written and enjoyable Historical romance with a little steam.” ~ Kindle Reader