ROSICRUCIAN SERIES, Boxed Set: Books 1 – 4 + Companion

by Adriana Koulias
Is your existence in this world just a flash of consciousness? Are you just a small spec of being in the vast scheme of the cosmos, that disappears, never to return? Or is one life merely a road to the next? Do you return again and again, making mistakes and writing wrongs, and, as in the case of a few, to safe guard a secret?
In the historical series written by Adriana Koulias, published by Random House and Picador, characters reincarnate time after time to protect the secret…ahead of the exciting and much awaited release of the Fifth Book in the Rosicrucian Series, this boxed set includes all four books plus Fifth Gospel A Novel Companion.

Book One – Temple of the Grail.

A Templar Squire, Christian accompanies his Master Andre a Knight Templar, in a delegation sent to investigate a remote Monastery accused of heresy. When monks are murdered in heinous ways, Christian and his master must race to find the killer before the inquisitor can burn innocent men, and stumble unwittingly on the secret of the monastery.

Book Two – The Seal

When Acre, a mighty city in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, falls to the Mamalukes, the Templars must flee to Cyprus where the Order becomes divided and beset by enemies. The Grand Master’s life and the Order’s gold are in danger. Etienne de Congost, the son of a heretic, a battle weary and loyal Templar Knight is the Keeper of the Royal Seal, and a hunted man.

Book Three – The Sixth Key

When Himmler wishes to give Hitler a rare gift for his birthday, a Grimoire of Black Magic written by a Pope, he sends Otto Rahn, a Grail Historian and S.S Officer, to the South of France to find it. What Himmler doesn’t know is that Rahn is Jewish and what Otto Rahn doesn’t know is that he is not the only one looking for the book. A number of Black Brotherhoods are after it and the key to complete it, and they will stop at nothing to get their hands on it.

Book Four – Fifth Gospel A Novel

A Cathar Bishop, Bertrand Marty, is in the besieged fortress of Montsegur when he is visited by a woman, Lea, in the tower of the Keep one night. Surrounded by war, Lea tells him a secret that will change his life forever. It is the dangerous and heretical story of two Jesus children.

Book Five – Fifth Gospel a Novel – Companion.

Previously unpublished chapters cut from Fifth Gospel A Novel, maps and glossary.