Starting Over: An Aussie Rockstar contemporay romance (New Beginnings Book 1)

by Gillian Joy
Connor Maise is an up and coming artist in the Australian music scene. He’s never had a job other than his music, but he’s worked long and hard to make a name for himself and its finally paying off. He’s spent his adult life enjoying the attentions of groupies, never committing to a relationship. Until Ashleigh comes along. All of a sudden one woman has imprinted on his heart and he can’t get her out of his head, and to make things even more complicated, she’s supposed to be dating his cousin.

Ashleigh isn’t interested in dating anyone. She’s only recently gotten out of a complicated marriage that might be even more abusive than she is willing to admit, and she has no intention of venturing into any sort of relationship with a man that is anything more than friendship, ever again. The only thing she’s interested in, is protecting her twin girls.

It was supposed to be one single night of passion with no strings attached, but she’s struggling to let go, especially when he refuses to.

“Starting Over by Gillian Joy is a sweet contemporary romance with psychological thriller elements. It took me on a huge roller coaster ride of emotion from beginning to end. I loved it! – Lynn” (Book Reviews by Lynn)

This is adult fiction, due to some course language and some suggestive and violent scenes. There is no erotica.

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