The Art of Romance Writing: Practical advice from an internationally bestselling romance writer

by Valerie Parv
The Art of Romance Writing is an up-to-the-minute practical guide to the romance writing genre, written by the international best-selling author Valerie Parv.
Clearcut examples of romance writing show exactly what works, what doesn’t and why, unravelling the myth of the formula’ and highlighting the subtle differences between the lines put out by major publishers. Step-by-step, Parv explains how to create believable characters, handle dialogue, choose settings, develop workable conflicts and effective plots. There are also invaluable checklists to keep you on track every step of the way.
Valerie Parv details marketing information that explains what editors are buying today – from paranormal themes to action-adventure and inspirational, chick lit and mainstream romance. New in this edition is how to sell your book in ten minutes direct to an editor at a writers’ conference, where to find opportunities and how to make the most of them.
Fully revised and expanded, this new edition will help fulfil every romance writer’s dreams.

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