The Boyfriend Sessions (City Love Book 1)

by Belinda Williams
Even a relationship junkie knows not to date her best friend’s brother . . .

I’ll admit, fleeing the country after a Frenchman’s romantic proposal wasn’t one of my finest moments.

Now that I’m back in Sydney, my girlfriends have announced that I’m a relationship junkie with commitment issues and want me to swear off men for six months. Ouch.

Their extreme rehabilitation plan involves a weekly girls night so they can pick apart my colorful relationship history. And it gets worse—my best friend Maddy is including her older brother for a male opinion.

I never noticed how gorgeous Max is before. When we were growing up, he was always kind of shy and nerdy, but now he seems to have no trouble speaking his mind. And did I mention he’s sweet, too?

I don’t know what my girlfriends are so worried about, though. I can totally survive six months without a guy. And it’s not like I’d be tempted by Max—Maddy would kill me.

Except I hadn’t counted on him being quite so irresistible. Or my past relationship history coming back to torment me.

Please send help . .