The Certainty Of Doing Evil

by Colin Falconer
‘The unique and supreme pleasure of love lies in the certainty of doing evil’

She is naked. She is spreadeagled on a torture rack in a basement. She is dead. Well, this is what happens when you don’t vet your clients properly.

Madeleine Fox supposes she shouldn’t yawn over a naked, dead woman but it is four in the morning and she’s tired. Perhaps she has seen too many dead bodies. These toms should really be more careful, especially if they’re going to specialise in BDSM. It’s not all 50 Shades of Grey and shopping.

It’s seems like just another murder, and they find their prime suspect within twenty four hours. He insists he is innocent – but then they all do, don’t they? Fox is the only detective in the Area Major Incident Team who believes him. She decides to dig a little deeper.

By the time the case file is closed everyone from the Commissioner down to Fox herself wish she hadn’t. Day by day they all come undone; the detectives, the victims and the one man who never meant for so many people to get hurt.

You can peel away as many layers as you want; but never think you know everything about any human heart.

Tough, funny and shocking, THE CERTAINTY OF DOING EVIL IN HELL adds to the legend of DI Madeleine Fox. But will it is also be the end of her?