The Complete Website Planning Guide Workbook

by Darryl King

The companion workbook to The Complete Website Planning Guide.

Noted digital agency owner Darryl King’s previous book The Complete Website Planning Guide showed freelancers, agency owners and marketing professionals how to create comprehensive plans for their website projects.

Now, building on the success of that book, The Complete Website Planning Guide Workbook calls that advice into action! Building on the principles you’ve already learned he presents a guided approach to each individual step in the planning process.

This comprehensive companion guide walks you through each of the steps with techniques and exercises honed from more than two decades designing, developing and marketing websites.

You will learn how to create more in depth scopes for your next website project including sections on:

  • Setting real goals for the website as a whole and each page on the site

  • How to define the audience you wish to serve

  • Gathering research and sorting it into insights that will drive the site build

  • The right amount of detail in your functional scope

  • How to create a site architecture using the information you have compiled

  • Wireframing

Showing examples in each step, authoritative instruction and hands-on workbook exercises The Complete Website Planning Guide is one of the most comprehensive and accessible website planning guides available.

Use both books together to build the best possible brief for your new website project.

Set your website scoping and projects apart from the competition and create your comprehensive website plan today!