The Melded Child

by Jane Routley
Sequel to The Three Sisters

The destiny of the Three Sisters is nigh – an ancient prophecy has come to pass.
The peace negotiated by the Tari has held firm for ten years, but a new demon master is rising.
When Yani the Raven is kidnapped, sorceress Marigoth and her companion Ezratah are drawn into a trap set by a brutal necromancer and his insane sister.
Meanwhile Elena Starchild’s daughter Alyx, heir to the throne of the Mori, finds herself wounded and on the run in a forest full of dark magic; and in the company of a bitter enemy.
Can the insular Tari, dreaming in the secret land of Ermora, be awoken before the demon fire consumes them?
And can a Melded Child bring harmony before it is too late?