The Pankstone Chronicles: Four Short Sweet Regency Romances

by Bree Verity
The Pankhurst Chronicles is a series of short stories about four of the children of the Earl of Pankhurst., and their journeys to find love:
In the Viscount’s Valentine, meet Mariah – lovely, accomplished – and not certain who has sent her a Valentine – was it the largely unknown Mr. Foxton? Or was it Freddie, Mariah’s oldest friend and secret love?
The Marquess and the May Flower is Elizabeth’s story – she is the eldest of the siblings, quiet and resigned to being an old maid after her fiancé was lost at sea. But can an old flame rekindle her finer feelings?
Michael joins us in the Earl and All Hallow’s Eve, where he and his cousin Fiorentina investigate strange ghost sightings in the portrait gallery at Pankstone Manor – are the ghosts trying to tell Michael something?
Drusilla and the Duke is the final story, about Drusilla, the beautiful, boisterous, excitable sibling, and the competition she and the Duke of Quayle engage on to find out who stole her mother’s ruby earbobs. But the Duke seems to have a bigger prize in mind than just winning the competition…