by David M Henley
Eight years ago, Pierre Junior was born out of a psionic enhancement program. He escaped immediately after his birth and all attempts to find him failed.

Now Pierre is back . . . and he’s taking over the world, one mind at a time.

The Pierre Junior Omnibus tells the story of a psionic messiah with unlimited telepathic and telekinetic powers who leads a rebellion that will either unite humanity or destroy it forever.

Praise for Pierre Junior

‘. . . a complex novel full of new scientific concepts, big ideas, an epic arc and a wide range of characters . . . Threads and ideas that have been developed across three novels converge to produce a well-crafted and satisfying conclusion. He is not an author who leaves the big questions unresolved, but pleasingly unravels the mysteries one by one.’ The Australian

‘David M Henley has created a trilogy that is both deeply complex and highly enjoyable. Every chapter, divided up with either lines of worship or warnings about Pierre Jnr, is a twist of the ethical knife. Be it influenced by The Will of the people, manipulation by the Psi’s or by Pierre Jnr himself, or pure self-interest, each decision that must be made is a hard one. It makes the reader ponder their own reaction to the situation and ask themselves what the right choice really is.’

‘This is not just a grim depiction of what our future might look like; it’s so natural (if dire) a progression that, once pointed out, it becomes hard to envisage a different scenario.’