The Regent’s Menagerie: Volume 2

by Maryanne Ross
This volume is filled with 8 deliciously spicy and sexy Regency rom-com novellas and a bonus full-length novel.
Visiting dignitaries have been gifting animals to the royal family for decades. Thanks to improved animal health and husbandry, the creatures have been breeding – prolifically!
This is putting a strain on the royal budget.
In order to rein in expenses for the rest of his reign, the Prince Regent hatches a plan; to gift some of those troublesome animals to friends and foes alike.
This results in wild adventures and entangled romances galore.
Featuring steamy novellas from:
Terry Ann Taylor – The Earl’s Indiscreet Lyrebird
ReneĆ© Dahlia – A Duke’s Wager
ReneĆ© Dahlia (a second novella) – The Duke’s Secret Bargain
Alexa Santi – A Love Like No Otter
Sonia Bellhouse – Teasing The Duke
Maryanne Ross – Zebra Mayhem
Heidi Wessman Kneale – Lucky Pig
Ebony Oaten – Captain Scarlet
Plus a bonus full-length steamy historical romance novel from Beverley Oakley – The Heiress, The Rake and The Lion’s Roar.