The Troika Dolls (1) (Stevie Duveen)

by Miranda Darling

A specialist in discreet and dangerous missions, Stevie Duveen—striking, brilliant, and fearless—is up against human traffickers, sex slavery, and the Russian mob. Risk is her business, but this time she’s in over her head.

Meet Stevie Duveen, the strategic analyst for Hazard Ltd., an international trouble-shooting outfit specializing in discreet and very dangerous missions. She is gifted in seven languages and all kinds of combat. Surprise is her most effective weapon, apart from her fierce intellect, unflagging determination, razor-sharp intuition, and something even the most battle-scarred operative lacks: she cares, sometimes too much; which is why she is nursing a broken heart and telling herself she will never fall in love again. Called to Moscow to assess the security risk to the head of the Russian Central Bank, she arrives to find the find the bank regulator’s teenage daughter has been kidnapped. Valery Kozcov has been a fearless crusader against widespread corruption in Russia and organized crime’s infiltration of the government—and now his enemies are retaliating with deadly force. What they are demanding of him is unthinkable, but they have his beloved Anya. Stevie uncovers unspeakable evil as she finds herself caught up in the terrifying world of people trafficking and sex slavery. From the murky alleys of Moscow to forests blanketed in mid-winter snow to Switzerland’s exclusive alpine resorts, Stevie tries to stay one step ahead of danger as she edges ever closer to Anya and the terrible fate awaiting her.


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