The Visit: Text Classics

by Amy Witting
In The Visit—Amy Witting’s debut novel, first published when she was almost sixty—a group of Bangoree residents gather to read plays by Beckett and Brecht. But their literary pursuits, and their lives, take an unexpected turn after it is revealed that the late Roderick Fitzallan set some of his celebrated love poems in their small country town. Who is the local mystery woman who inspired Fitzallan’s verse all those years ago?

Amy Witting was born in Annandale, an inner suburb of Sydney, in 1918.
She attended Sydney University, then taught French and English in state
schools. Beginning late in life she published six novels, including 
The Visit, I for Isobel, Isobel on the Way to the Corner Shop and Maria’s War; two collections of short stories; two books of verse, Travel Diary and Beauty Is the Straw; and her Collected Poems.

She had numerous poems and short stories published in magazines such as Quadrant and The New Yorker.

Witting was awarded the 1993 Patrick White Prize. Isobel on the Way to the Corner Shop won the Age Book of the Year Award.

Amy Witting died in 2001.


‘Her writing is so simple and tough and direct.’ Helen Garner