Venom: an edge of the seat thriller about murder, passion and revenge

by Colin Falconer

Fall in love with the wrong man and you could get burned

‘I will survive,’ he promised the black silence. ‘I will survive and I will come back to haunt you. All of you …’

It began like a page from the Kama Sutra; a beautiful French girl and her Indian lover locked in the white heat of illicit passion.

But Michel, the child of this illicit union is not wanted by anyone. Thrown out into the dangerous streets, he grows into a ferocious manhood in the alleys of wartime Saigon. He remembers every beating, and every betrayal. Possessed of a raw sexuality and the flair of a master criminal, he learns not only to survive, but to thrive in his pitiless world.

His journey leads him along the hippie trails of Asia in the seventies, in a series of horrific but seemingly unconnected murders. In the Interpol headquarters in Paris, Captain Rene Budjinski tries to make sense of the bloody trail that stretches from the neon streets of Bangkok to the ancient banks of the Ganges.

Eventually he gets his man. But as the judge’s gavel cracks across a Delhi courtroom he cannot imagine how justice will hang on one last ironic twist of fate.

An unputdownable thriller with an ending that will leave you stunned