Vision Writers: Best Of 25 Years

by Carleton Chinner
It starts with a sock. Not even a particularly nice sock. And it ends in tears. Between those two points are twenty-three stories of magic, horror, science fiction, heartbreak, heroics and wonder.

Within these pages you may find your new favourite author. You may find a story that touches a secret, wounded place inside you, filling you with a quiet longing, and a sense you are finally loved and accepted. You might find a pretty good muffin recipe.

(Okay, I lied about the muffin recipe.)

In 1996, Rowena Cory Daniells, Marianne de Pierres and Adrianne Fitzpatrick founded Vision Writers. For twenty-five years, Vision Writers has been a supportive, proactive group of speculative fiction writers, meeting once a month to share stories and give feedback. This anthology a snapshot of a much larger process. The final product of community, friendship, passion, secret drives, quiet hopes, outlandish daydreams. We are thrilled to share it with you.