Writing The Wasteland: The Apocalypse Writer’s Handbook

by Daniel Ferguson
Post-apocalyptic fiction is a very popular genre. Films, TV, music, games both video and pen-and-paper, books, poems, and more have been written on the various ways that the world could end, and what happens after.
But how do you write apocalypse stories? What is the difference between Apocalypse and Dystopia? What happens to the world when the lights go out?
In this short e-guide you will find:
• Definition of Apocalypse and Dystopia, and discussion of the differences between the two closely-linked genres
• The Before-Times: a brief overview of the world, which you will be destroying one way or another
• Types of Catastrophe (Nuclear Armageddon, Robot Uprising, Zombie Virus, Alien Invasion, Pandemic (non-zombie alternatives), Environmental Disaster, Supernatural and others
• Destruction of Scenery (“Destruction Porn”)
• Survivors and Scavengers
• Apocalyptic Fashion Choices
• Goods And Services
• Violence
• Travel
• Plot Types
• Rebuilding Civilisation
• (Story) Endings
• Reference List – books, films, TV, music, games, comics, etc – plus other useful links

*Contains adult themes. “Destruction Porn” is just a description of the scenery, no actual adult film content is included. Searching for “Destruction Porn” is not as likely to cause problems as searching for actual pornographic content. NSFW may, however, apply.

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