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Our site is designed to help promote Authors and their books in an equitable way. An author’s popularity and/or income shouldn’t favour them in how they are able to reach new readers.

We’ve created tools and options that enable any author to promote themselves within their own genre, gender and location as well as to give them greater control over their listings within a directory style site.

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Author Profile Listings

By default we have added your profile from a publically available biography on one of your retail sites at some point in the past. Of course these can get out of date and you might wish to make modifications to your profile. Check out the membership options for that.

D.E. King profile image

D.E. King

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Rachel Amphlett profile image

Rachel Amphlett

Brisbane, QLD

Belinda Pollard profile image

Belinda Pollard

Brisbane, QLD

Adding your author profile if you don’t exist on the site

You can submit your profile link from Amazon to help identify yourself as an author who should be on this site by filling in our Suggest an Author form.

Book Listings

When we add an author we will load at least one of their books providing we have the correct information. Other books get queued to be added over time. For a verified author who has active membership you can self-manage the details of your books, add new books, and add additional retailer links for each book.

If you aren’t a member and would like books added, you can submit them to our librarian queue using our Missing Book Form. Keep in mind that errors and omissions can occur from third-party data, and data importing, so that the best way to keep control is for you to manage your own books.

A Fool's Errand (In All Jest Book 1) Cover Image

A Fool’s Errand (In All Jest Book 1)

Fool Me Twice (In All Jest Book 2) Cover Image

Fool Me Twice (In All Jest Book 2)

A Deadly Promise: A Detective Kay Hunter crime thriller Cover Image

A Deadly Promise: A Detective Kay Hunter crime thriller

Venom Reef (Wild Crimes Mysteries Book 2) Cover Image

Venom Reef (Wild Crimes Mysteries Book 2)


Available May 2024.

Why subscribe and become a member of this site? 

There’s a ton of reasons, including but not limited to: 

  • Save with discounted Featured Promotions on both books and your profile
  • Trial beta features
  • Get included in bonus promotions
  • Update and manage your bio, including your photo, description, social media profiles, website information
  • Self-manage all of your titles within our database
  • Add additional retailer links for each title including direct sales links if you have them

Promotions and exposure on this site doesn’t require you to discount your books or give them away free, by being a member you get to have all of your titles indexed here as another source for readers and link directly to your own site, or any retailer you like.

It’s an annual fee that gets you priority support, new tools as we build them and additional exposure.

Featured Promotions

Available May 2024.

Across many of the pages within out site we offer the following opportunities:

  • Featured Book Spots (max 4 per page)
  • Featured Author Spots (max 4 per page)
  • A combination of both Book and Author Spots

Not all pages can have promotion spots.

Each spot is priced on a first come first served basis. I.e. Spot 1 goes first, then 2, 3, and 4. There is no variation in price for a position on the page. 

The spots available are restricted so no one author or series of books can dominate a category. Popularity does not determine the availability of a spot. Additionally any individual author has a limit of the number of total spots they can book in any one calendar year.

These restrictions are designed to ensure an equitable opportunity for authors to promote both themselves and their books. The guidelines for authors are available within the Members and Advertisers section. You can order promotions without being a member, but note the price is higher than what members receive. Select Advertiser only when creating an account and you will find additional information inside your account area.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can update your author profile by becoming a member of our site. Once you’re a member, you’ll have access to tools that allow you to manage your profile, including updating your biography, photo, social media links, and website information.

If your profile isn’t on the site, you can submit your profile link from Amazon through our “Suggest an Author” form. Our team will review your submission and add your profile to the site.

If you’re a verified author with an active membership, you can self-manage the details of your books, including adding new books and additional retailer links. If you’re not a member, you can submit your books to our librarian queue using the “Missing Book Form”.

Absolutely! We’re dedicated to showcasing authors and their work. Booking an interview with us provides a great opportunity for you to connect with readers and enhance your visibility in the literary world.

Membership offers numerous benefits including discounted featured promotions, access to beta features, inclusion in bonus promotions, control over your bio and book listings, and priority support. It’s a great way to enhance your visibility and reach as an author.

No, promotions and exposure on our site don’t require you to discount your books or give them away for free. By becoming a member, you can have all your titles indexed on our site and link directly to your preferred retailer or your own site.