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Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Australian romance authors! Whether you’re looking for contemporary love stories, historical romances, or LGBTQ+ narratives, our curated lists of Australian authors will help you discover your next favourite read!

Australian Female Author List 

Explore the captivating works of female romance writers from Australia. From sweeping historical romance novels to contemporary romance, these authors offer a diverse range of romantic narratives. Our Australian Female Authors List showcases the talents of women who bring unique perspectives and heartfelt stories to the romance genre. 

Here is a list of our Australian Female Romance Authors and some of their books!

  • Posie Graeme-Evans and her book ‘The Island House’. A novel about a young archaeologist who unearths ancient secrets, a tragic romance, and Viking treasure on a remote Scottish island.
  • Anna Campbell and her book The Seduction of Lord Stone (Dashing Widows Book 1). A historical romance where a notorious rake is tempted by a widow’s proposal for a no-strings-attached affair, but unexpected emotions threaten their arrangement.
  • Rachel Tsoumbakos and her book Ragnar and the Women Who Loved Him (Viking Secrets Book 1). Delve into the personal life of the famous Viking Ragnar Lodbrok, exploring the women who loved him and their motivations, as recounted in Viking Sagas. 
  • Stephanie Laurens and her book Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue: A Cynster Novel (Cynster Sisters Trilogy Book 1). Join the Cynster family in another captivating Regency Era romance, where the daring Viscount Breckenridge comes to the rescue of Heather Cynster. 
  • Sally Hepworth and her book The Secrets of Midwives: A Novel. Delve into the lives of three generations of women in this captivating tale of life, loss, and love. Will these women choose to confront their secrets and face the consequences, or will some truths remain buried forever?
  • Allison Butler and her book The Protector (Highland Brides Book 1). Enter the Scottish Highlands in this captivating historical romance where heiress Mairi Gordon must choose a husband from three suitors selected by her father. Duty-bound and scarred by past failures, Mairi is determined to make a practical choice for the good of her clan, resisting the allure of the dark-haired stranger assigned to protect her during this crucial decision-making.

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Australian Male Authors List 

These writers bring their own perspectives to the genre, offering a fresh take on romantic storytelling. The Australian Male Authors List highlights the contributions of men who have enriched the romance genre with their compelling narratives and distinct styles. 

Here are some of our Australian Male Romance Authors

  • Graeme Simsion and his works, including ‘The Rosie Project’. A novel about a socially awkward genetics professor who creates a scientifically sound survey to find the perfect wife, only to fall for a free-spirited woman who doesn’t fit any of his criteria.
  • Craig Silvey and his book Jasper Jones. Join thirteen-year-old Charlie Bucktin in a small mining town where his quiet life is disrupted one summer night by Jasper Jones, an outcast seeking his help. Drawn into Jasper’s world, Charlie discovers a horrible secret that weighs heavily on him as fear and suspicion grip the town. Amidst a tumultuous summer, Charlie navigates conflicts with his mother, experiences first love, and confronts challenges with his zealous best friend. 
  • Peter Diggins and his book Outsider. Enter a world where a corrupted magical spell summons Duncan Hawkwind, a seemingly ordinary man from Earth, into a centuries-old conflict between two gods. Initially expected to be a powerful guardian from the outer realms, Duncan faces overwhelming adversity and shocking betrayal. His journey becomes a quest to navigate the dangerous realm he’s been thrust into.
  • James Islington and his book The Shadow of What Was Lost (The Licanius Trilogy). Enter a world where the god-like Augurs have been overthrown, and those who once served them—the Gifted—are now restricted by rebellion’s rules. Davian, a Gifted, discovers forbidden powers that unravel long-held secrets and ignite a chain of events. Meanwhile, a young man with no memory wakes in the forest, his fate entwined with Davian’s, while an ancient enemy stirs in the far north. As destiny beckons and old threats resurface, a gripping journey of magic, intrigue, and fate unfolds in this epic fantasy tale.

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Australian LGBTQ+ Authors List 

Celebrate love in all its forms with our list of Australian LGBTQ+ romance authors. These authors highlight diverse romantic experiences, bringing inclusivity to the forefront of the romance genre. Our Australian LGBTQ+ Authors List features writers who represent the full spectrum of love, ensuring that every reader can find stories that resonate with their experiences. 

  • Kevin Klehr and their books, including ‘Drama Queens with Love Scenes’. Close friends Allan and Warwick find themselves dead and grappling with their new reality. With the help of Samantha, a 1950s blonde bombshell, and Guy, an insecure angel, they navigate the afterlife. 
  • Rebecca James and her book Love Will Find a Way. Follow Aiden O’Keefe, whose world of thriving business and impending marriage to Bryar, his love of three years, is shattered when Bryar reveals a hidden truth: his parents are alive, moving to New York, and unaware of Bryar’s true identity. As Aiden grapples with betrayal and hurt, he must confront whether their love can survive this revelation and the challenges it brings. Set against the backdrop of New York City, this heartfelt story explores the resilience of love and the journey to forgiveness and understanding in a gay romance narrative.
  • Also by Rebecca James, see her book First Omega (River Wolf Pack Book 1). Step into a world where Josiah Kimbrel, an ambassador of the human-werewolf congress, discovers a surprising and ‘normal’ life within the River Wolf Pack compound. Amidst family units and local-built houses, all inhabited by gay werewolves, Josiah encounters River, the charismatic pack alpha who stirs unexpected desires within him. Josiah’s world is further complicated when he experiences an unexpected heat, challenging his understanding of his own identity as a half-werewolf omega. 

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