Sophie Masson

Born in Indonesia of French parents, Sophie Masson was sent to live with her paternal grandmother in Toulouse, France, when she was just a baby and lived there till she was nearly five, when her parents came back from Indonesia and took her to Australia. All the rest of her childhood, the family stayed in Australia, with frequent trips back to France, and this dual heritage underpins a good deal of Sophie’s work. Sophie’s first book appeared in 1990 and since then she has published more than seventy novels, mainly for children and young adults, but with several for adults as well. She has won several awards andher books have been published in Australia, the USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and many other countries. She has also had many short stories and articles published in newspapers, magazines, and online journals. Sophie Masson lives in the high, cool New England tableland area of Northern New South Wales, Australia, with her husband. She has three grown-up children and four young grand-children. She holds a PhD from the University of New England (Australia) and in 2019 was awarded an AM in the order of Australia Honours List for her service to literature. A former Chair of the Australian Society of Authors, she is the current Chair of the New England Writers’ Centre, and is on the Bord of the Small Press Network as well as on the committee of the New England and North West sub-branch of the Children’s Book Council of NSW.