17 Years Later

by JP Pomare

‘Pomare’s gift for complex plots and drum-tight tension shines’ BENJAMIN STEVENSON

‘Flawlessly plotted . . . breathless suspense . . . no-one delivers twists or turns quite like J.P. Pomare’ ANNA DOWNES

‘Shocking, twisty and impossible to put down – all the things I’ve come to expect from one of Australia’s most talented and prolific authors’ CHRISTIAN WHITE


The violent slaughter of the Primrose family while they slept shocked the nation.

The family’s young live-in chef, Bill Kareama, was swiftly charged with murder and brought to justice. But the brutal crime scarred the idyllic town of Cambridge forever.

Seventeen years later, true-crime podcaster Sloane Abbott tracks down prison psychologist TK Phillips. Once a fierce campaigner for an appeal, TK now lives a quiet life with Bill’s case firmly in his past.

As Sloane lures a reluctant TK back into the fight, evidence emerges that casts new light on the Primroses – and who might have wanted them dead.

While the list of suspects grows, Bill’s innocence is still far from assured. What will it cost Sloane and TK to uncover the truth?

Praise for internationally bestselling author J. P. Pomare’s thrillers including The Wrong Woman:

‘A rare talent who continues to turn out crime masterpieces’ Herald Sun

‘This grabbed me from the opening page and didn’t let go’ MICHAEL ROBOTHAM

‘Edge-of-your-seat stuff. Deftly plotted, pacy, sharply written’ New Zealand Women’s Weekly

‘A twisty small-town mystery with a protagonist I didn’t want to let go’ IAN RANKIN

‘The thrill and fear arrive early and don’t leave until the final pages’ CANDICE FOX