A Plot to Die For (A Ghostwriter Mystery Book 2)

by Christina A. Larmer

In the second mystery for ghostwriter Roxy Parker, A PLOT TO DIE FOR, C.A. Larmer pays homage to the Queen of ‘Cozy’ Crime Agatha Christie’s Evil Under The Sun.

When Roxy accepts a ghostwriting gig at a luxury island resort she expects little more than a good story and a touch of sunstroke. What she gets is her hotelier client buried in the sand, her head protruding ghoulishly for the crabs to devour, and an ensemble cast of cocktail-sipping characters who are all hiding something behind their Gucci sunglasses.

In this modern homage to a Christie classic, Roxy must solve the mystery of her client’s murder while stuck on an island with the prime suspects. Along the way, the amateur sleuth encounters machete-wielding locals, shifty fellow guests, and an island paradise where the ghosts of past mistakes still linger behind every coconut.

With a cracking pace and plenty of humour, this baffling mystery will have you scratching your head until the final, Hercule Poirot-style conclusion. If the ‘Big Reveal’ doesn’t leave you gasping into your gin and tonic, it just might make you reconsider your next island holiday.

Funnier and more contemporary than your typical ‘cozy’, A PLOT TO DIE FOR is the second, stand-alone mystery for ghostwriter Roxy Parker.

A WARNING FROM THE AUTHOR: “This book contains some adult language and Australian slang—all part of the richness of the Aussie lexicon. No offence is intended.”