Bushranger of the Skies: No Footprints in the Bush (Inspector Bonaparte Mysteries Book 8)

by Arthur W. Upfield
An extraordinary case for Detective-Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte opens when a police car is bombed from the air on a lonely outback road by a mysterious pilot who plans to conquer a nation. The trail through the land of burning waters tests Bony’s endurance to the limit and takes the detective as close to death as he has ever been. Welcome to Central Australia!

This is surely one of Upfield’s strongest books. It is filled with various kinds of symbolism – of religion, of clothes v nakedness, of action, of the fruits of love of white for aboriginal. Throughout the prose is rich, resonant, compelling. In this book are passages which are as rapid, graphic and enspiriting as in any other book. – from The Spirit of Australia by Ray Browne.